Rakhi changed her religion and named her Fatima!: Brother said- We are worried about her, she has suffered a lot in life

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The pictures of Rakhi Sawant’s court marriage with her boyfriend Adil Khan went viral. Rakhi herself had announced her marriage on her social media. According to media reports, Rakhi has changed her name to Fatima after marrying Adil. Now his brother Rakesh’s reaction has come on this whole episode.

Rakesh says that he does not know much about this yet, but whatever Rakhi has done, she must have done it after thinking. Rakesh has said that they are all worried about Rakhi as Rakhi is the youngest in the family and she has suffered a lot since the beginning. On the other hand, Adil says that whether he got married with Rakhi or not, he will talk about it after 10 days.

Rakhi has suffered a lot in life
Rakesh has said that Rakhi was used last time in Bigg Boss house by Ritesh and then cheated. Rakhi was deeply hurt by this. Rakhi is the youngest in the house and has suffered a lot since the beginning. This time she is married for real so we hope that whatever decision she has taken turns out to be correct.

Rakhi has married thoughtfully
When Rakesh was asked about Rakhi’s conversion to Islam, he said- ‘I don’t know this. This is his personal thing, the words of husband and wife. We do not know much but, if Rakhi has done it, then she must have done it thoughtfully, she must have done right according to her own opinion.

Wedding photos went viral two days ago
Two days back, some photos went viral on social media in which Rakhi is seen holding marriage certificate with Adil Khan Durrani in hand. Fans speculated that Rakhi got married. Rakhi herself has confirmed her marriage on her social media.

This is Rakhi’s second marriage, before that she had married a man named Ritesh, but this relationship between the two could not last long.

Rakhi did not let anyone know about her marriage
Rakhi Sawant was dating Adil Khan for a long time. Both are often seen together in public. Now Rakhi has given a new name to her relationship with Adil. If reports are to be believed, Adil is 6 years younger than Rakhi and is a businessman by profession.

However, Rakhi has not let anyone know about her marriage. Rakhi’s fans are feeling surprised by such sudden photos.

Want 10 days time – Adil
On the other hand, when Adil was asked about his and Rakhi’s marriage, he says that he is not in the mood to say anything in this matter right now. Adil has said that he needs 10 days time only after that he will be in a condition to speak anything in this matter.

Adil said- ‘I am neither denying nor accepting that I am married. I just want 10 days time.

Rakhi has allegedly been married even before this
Rakhi was earlier married to a man named Ritesh. Although he kept it very hidden. Rakhi introduced Ritesh in the eyes of the world for the first time in Bigg Boss 15.

Although nothing is confirmed about whether Rakhi was really married or not. People believed that Rakhi was doing all this just for publicity.

Rakhi likes to be in lime light
Rakhi Sawant appeared as a contestant in the first season of Bigg Boss in 2006. Since then he had gained a lot of popularity. He got a chance in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Main Hoon Na. After this she appeared in many reality shows. She got a lot of fame in Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and Nach Baliye.

She was also in limelight during Kiss controversy with Mika Singh. Apart from this, she appeared in Bigg Boss 15 once again as a contestant. He is often called as a guest in Bigg Boss.

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