Rakhi Sawant wants to perform Umrah: will also keep fast in Ramzan; Bolin- I am getting an affidavit made from Jama Masjid for visa..if Umrah is done then luck will open

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Rakhi Sawant wants to perform Umrah. Talking to the media, she has said that she is getting the necessary documents prepared so that she can go for Umrah. Rakhi says that she also wants to keep Roza in the coming Ramzan.

Rakhi has said that she is following Islam with full truth. She also offers Namaz five times a day. Rakhi also says that she no longer wants to cry thinking about her past life. She now wants to be happy as before.

My affidavit is being made from Jama Masjid – Rakhi
Talking to the media, Rakhi said, ‘My Khalid Mamu and Wahid Bhai, both of them are getting my affidavit made from Jama Masjid so that I can get visa and I can go for Umrah. If I go for Umrah during Ramzan, my luck will be revealed.

However, I do not know whether I will get my visa or not. I also read Namaz five times a day. If the almighty feels that I am following Islam with complete truth, then I must go for Umrah, because if I go for Umrah, my destiny will be revealed.’

One day I will also get Oscar..
The media talked to Rakhi even after Natu-Natu got Oscar. In response, Rakhi said, Natu-Natu has received the award, many congratulations for it. This is my favorite song, Ramcharan and Jr NTR have done a great dance, even Firangi in the song has done a good dance step.’

The media asked Rakhi if she too could get an Oscar someday. In response he said, ‘Nothing is impossible in this world. If God wants, I can also get an Oscar one day. Good films are now being made in India. You can reach the IIFA Awards but it is a bit difficult to reach the Oscars, but who knows… nothing is impossible in front of God.

Married by changing religion, later accused husband
Rakhi Sawant was in a lot of headlines recently about her marriage. He converted and married according to Islamic customs. Rakhi says that after marriage, her husband Adil Khan Durrani has assaulted, cheated and sexually assaulted her.

Rakhi makes another allegation on Adil that he is about to cheat her and marry his girlfriend. According to Rakhi, among Muslims, people do four marriages but Adil cannot do so, because now the triple talaq law is in force in the country. Rakhi thanked PM Modi for implementing the triple talaq law.

According to reports, ‘Rakhi also claimed that Adil had shot her nude video. Rakhi suspected that he might have even sold those videos to earn money. Please tell that Rakhi Sawant and Adil Durrani had a court marriage in July last year.

Adil Khan Durrani is 27 years old and hails from Karnataka. He has a car business. According to media reports, Adil and Rakhi were dating each other since March 2022. Both had married very secretly.

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