Ranbir-Alia Wedding: Alia made the bridal look special with 5 things, Ranbir’s lucky number is hidden in every design

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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor tied the knot on April 14. The couple got married according to Punjabi customs, after which Alia shared some photos of her wedding on social media, which fans are very fond of.

Seeing the photos, a lot of discussions started about Alia’s bridal look. Alia looked very beautiful in the wedding dress. Alia’s bridal look was quite different. Like the rest of the Bollywood brides, Alia was not seen in a lehenga but in a sari at her wedding.

Alia and Ranbir chose Sabyasachi for their wedding outfits and jewellery. While Alia wore an ivory colored sari at the wedding, Ranbir was also seen wearing a cream colored sherwani matching Alia. Let’s know which things made Alia’s look special.

Alia wore a very small mangalsutra around her neck, whose design has a special connection with Ranbir Kapoor. Actually, in this mangalsutra of Alia, an infinity design is also made near the pendant. If you look at this mangalsutra of Alia straight, then it looks like number 8, which is Ranbir’s lucky number. At the same time, Alia also considers this number as her lucky number. That is why this mangalsutra has been designed only after the special instructions of Alia.

Kalira is an important part of a Punjabi bride’s look. In such a situation, in these wedding photos, Alia’s Kalire appeared different from the common Kalire. This Kalira of Alia is not white but of golden color, on which stone work can be clearly seen. Stars, clouds and birds were visible in this bud of his.

Alia loves butterflies. That’s why she made butterflies in her wedding outfit. She got butterfly motifs embroidered on the sleeves of her blouse. She has got this saree customized from Sabyasachi. Ranbir’s lucky number 8 was also seen in this.

From her makeup to hairstyle, Alia kept everything simple on her wedding day. At the same time, his nails also attracted people. Leaving the rest of the colors, he showed simplicity here too and he got it painted in ombre shade.

Instead of applying mehendi all over the hands, Alia applied bell mehandi and made infinity sign on the back of the hands, which shows Ranbir’s lucky number 8 from one side. Not only this, Alia also got Ranbir’s name made R along with it. Alia was put up by Jyoti Chheda, a Mehndi artist from Mehndi Chembur.

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