Ranbir-Alia Wedding: The marriage of two biggest families of Bollywood became the industry’s low-profile wedding, this is the reason behind it

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Bollywood’s power couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are going to tie the knot today. The couple will get married at Ranbir Kapoor’s Vastu Apartment in Pali Hill. Ranbir’s wedding procession will leave Krishna Raj bungalow and reach Vastu Apartment. Kapoor and Bhatt are the two biggest and oldest families of Bollywood.

The children of both these families are tying the knot, but this marriage is taking place in a very peaceful and low-profile manner. There is a big reason behind this. At the same time, Bollywood celebs have also not been invited in this marriage of Ranbir-Alia. Only the family members of the couple and close friends of the couple are attending the wedding.

Bhatt family wanted to get married with pomp
Ranbir Kapoor has taken all the decisions related to this marriage. Ranbir did not want him to get married in a big fat Indian wedding. That is why this marriage is being done keeping in mind their likes and dislikes. Although the Bhatt family wanted this marriage to be done with pomp. This is because all the marriages that have taken place in the Bhatt family have happened in a very simple way. Because of which he wanted to make Alia’s wedding memorable. However, Alia convinced her family that they should respect Ranbir Kapoor’s decision. After which the Bhatt family agreed for the low-profile marriage.

Why is Ranbir doing a simple marriage?
Ranbir Kapoor is one of the most introverted actors in the industry. His nature is also very shy. He does not even attend celeb parties in the industry. He usually hangs out with his close friends. Ranbir Kapoor is such a Bollywood celeb who is not active in any social media site. Although many accounts in his name are active. Director Ayan Mukerji is one of his very close friends in the industry. Often both spots also occur.

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