Rang Panchami 2022: 5 Crucial Measures For Wealth and Prosperity

Rang Panchami is a Hindu festival that symbolises the five elements of the universe: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Sky. Playing with colours on this day, according to folklore, pleases all of the deities and brings happiness, wealth, and fortune to humankind. Rang Panchami is observed five days after Holi. It occurs every year on the Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha. This year, Rang Panchami will be observed on March 22.

Although this occasion is observed throughout the country, it is particularly popular in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. Aside from that, Goddess Lakshmi is also worshipped on the same day in many places.

There are various unique astrological measures that can be performed on the day to seek the blessing of goddess Lakshmi to have money and prosperity in your life and assure your future growth. Letโ€™s take a quick look-

Lord Vishnu, together with Maa Lakshmi, should be worshipped on Rang Panchami. Mata Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity, property, and splendor, among other things. When honouring them, recite the Kanakdhara Strota. Red gulal should be offered to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. The riches and prosperity of your family will grow.

Rang Panchami is also called Sripanchmi. On this day, worship Mata Lakshmi. During the puja, offer red roses, Kamalgatta, and lotus flowers to Goddess Lakshmi. Maa Lakshmi will be pleased. All of your money problems will be resolved by her grace.

On Rang Panchami, wrap a coin and 5 bales of turmeric in a piece of yellow fabric and place it at the place of prayer. After you have prayed to Maa Lakshmi, light a ghee lamp. When the lamp has burned, place the turmeric and coin bundle in the safe. You will flourish, and your fortune will grow.

Offer white delicacies such as Barfi, Batasha, Mishri, or Kheer cooked at home to Goddess Lakshmi during puja. Maa Lakshmi likes these delicacies so much. The wealth of your family will improve and financial difficulties will be resolved.

On Rang Panchami, worship Lord Krishna and Radharani. Serve them gulal. It is said that by doing so, marital problems, if any, will be resolved and it will strengthen your bond.

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