Raut said- I did not threaten, or abused Kangana, they did not knock the court door with clean hands, they do not deserve relief

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In a statement by Sanjay Raut, Kangana Ranot was called a haramkhor girl. There was a debate in the Bombay High Court on Monday.

  • Raut files affidavit in Kangana Ranot controversy in Bombay High Court
  • Raut’s ‘haramkhor girl’ comment was debated in the High Court on Monday.

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has filed an affidavit in the High Court in the ongoing dispute with Kangana Runot. He says neither he abused Kangana nor threatened her. On behalf of Sanjay Raut, his lawyer Pradeep Thorat targeted Kangana, saying, “They have not approached the court with clean hands. So they are not entitled to any relief.”

I just called them dishonest: Raut

Sanjay Raut’s affidavit states, “I deny that I had threatened the petitioner in a derogatory and abusive tone in a news video on 5 September. I neither abused nor threatened the petitioner. I He was simply called dishonest because he compared Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. ” Raut also said that the action taken by BMC against Kangana under the civil law has nothing to do with him.

There was a debate on Monday on being called a ‘haramkhor girl’

Kangana Ranot’s hearing was held on Monday in the Bombay High Court against the BMC action at her office. During this, the statement of ‘haramkhor’ of Sanjay Raut was also debated.

Kangana’s lawyer Birendra Saraf told the court that Raut had told haramkhor meaning knotty in the interview. On this, Justice S. Kathavala said, ‘We also have a dictionary, if it means knotty then what is the meaning of knotty?’

Thorat’s argument – Raut did not take Kangna’s name

Raut’s lawyer Pradeep Thorat, while clarifying, had said in the court that Sanjay had not taken Kangana’s name in the statement. To this, the Bench said, ‘Are you saying that your client has not called her a harem girl? Can we record the statement that you (Raut) have not called the hacker of the petitioner? In response, Thorat said that he would file an affidavit in this regard. The same affidavit was given in court on Tuesday by Thorat.


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