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Ravi Dubey started thinking of suicide: Started his career as a junior artist, spent all his savings to become a producer

Ravi Dubey started thinking of suicide: Started his career as a junior artist, spent all his savings to become a producer

2 hours agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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Ravi Dubey has made the journey from actor to producer. He has produced many television shows along with his wife Sargun Mehta. These days he is also producing the serial ‘Badal Pe Paanv Hai’. As a producer, Ravi had invested his entire savings in his first show ‘Udaariyaan’.

Let us tell you, Ravi was initially going to pursue a career in engineering. During his college days, he had started thinking about suicide. During the conversation, the actor told that he used to motivate himself during bad days.

My father wanted me to become an engineer, but I was not interested in studies

While talking to Dainik Bhaskar, Ravi said, ‘My father wanted me to become an engineer. But I was not interested in studies at all. My inclination has always been towards acting. I completed my studies, however, I chose the path of acting instead of engineering. During my studies, I was not happy. I have faced many ups and downs in those days. Actually, I grew up in a very pampered environment. When I came to Mumbai for engineering career, I understood one thing that not everything will happen according to you. You will not get everything according to your wish. There was no balance of heart and mind at that time. That period was very difficult.’

When I started thinking about suicide, I started talking to myself

He further said, ‘When I started thinking about suicide, I started talking to myself. I used to tell myself again and again that no problem is big. Situation can change anytime. I motivated myself by talking to myself. I started keeping myself away from negative thinking. Well, now many years have passed since that incident. Maybe that time had come to teach me something.’

Spent all my savings on the show ‘Udaariyan’

Talking about his production career, Ravi wanted to become an independent producer from the very beginning. Regarding this, he said, ‘Sargun and I never took anyone’s support for finance. Instead of producing a show with someone, we took the risk of becoming independent producers. By the way, Sargun and I are not at all afraid of taking risks.

We believe that the same God who has brought us here will take us further. We had invested all our savings in our first show ‘Udaariyan’. We wanted to enter this field at any cost. Instead of involving a third party, we trusted each other and kept moving forward.

Danced as a junior artist behind Gul Panag and Hussain Kuwajerwala

My first salary was Rs 500. I worked as a junior artist in the reality show ‘Kisme Kitna Hai Dum’. At that time I was studying engineering. My roommate used to work in events. He was also a junior artist coordinator. One day he asked me if I would like to work as a junior artist? I was going to get Rs 500 for this work. I immediately agreed.

During the shooting, Vipul Shah, the head of Optimistic Productions, made me stand in the front row of the audience. I danced behind the show’s host Gul Panag and Hussain Kuwajerwala. This is an incident from the year 2001. In 2010, I got the role of the lead actor in the same production house’s show ‘Saas Bina Sasural’. Then this continued for many shows. Today, there is a deep friendship between me and Vipul.

People in TV are afraid to take risks

Generally, television follows a template. There are many concepts that are relevant in society. But these concepts are not worked upon in TV. Here people are afraid of taking risks. The story of the stock market is very relevant in society but I have never seen the story of any TV show based on this concept. That is why, we took it as a challenge and decided to move ahead. The effort is to make people learn about the stock market in a simple way and move ahead.

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