Raw mangoes fell due to strong winds, although people got relief from the scorching heat. Raw mangoes fell due to strong winds, although people got relief from the scorching heat

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The problem of farmers increased due to storm and rain in Bulandshahr

In Bulandshahr, people troubled by the scorching heat and scorching afternoon, on Wednesday evening, cool winds and splendid weather gave some relief in the heat. The weather has turned cold. For the past several days, the people troubled by the continuous hot winds got some relief, but the problems of the mango farmers increased. Mango crop suffered a lot in the mango belt area of โ€‹โ€‹the district.

The weather was beautiful on the banks of the Ganges

Rain showers and inside reports were coming from many places in the district yesterday afternoon. In the evening, there was a thunderstorm and storm with strong winds in Narora. However, even in the evening on the banks of the Ganges in Narora, dark clouds continued to deepen and scare. But in the evening the weather on the banks of the Ganges became very beautiful amidst brown clouds. Light cold winds continued to blow, and seeing the weather, the birds also raised a clamor. From somewhere the sound of peacocks and from somewhere the clamor of birds started roaming around. With the weather, the atmosphere also became very favorable.

Damage to mango crop due to storm

The farmers were frightened by this strong wind, storm and rain. In mango orchards, there has been a lot of damage due to storm and storm. Raw mangoes fell from the trees. Even trees have fallen in many places. Kaptan Singh, a resident of Mau Nagla, told that there is a lot of damage in his mango orchard.

power failure due to falling tree

Many trees fell on the roads and around the Narora area, creating a storm. Many trees fell on Narora to Ramghat road. The road got blocked. There is a power failure in Nibari Bangar and Nandpur villages due to the breakdown of power lines. Whereas in Narora also there was a power failure for some time.

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