Reaction: Govinda reacted on Krishna Abhishek’s sorry, said โ€“ I would love to see this love of his off camera

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Recently on Maniesh Paul’s podcast, Govinda has given a big statement about Krishna Abhishek. Govinda said that if Krishna really loves him, then he would love to see this love behind the camera. Actually, recently, Krishna had said sorry to Govinda while crying in Manish’s show. At the same time, Krishna had also said that he gives interviews at many places, so people present many of his things in a wrong way. Now Govinda has reacted to this by coming as a guest on Manish’s show.

Govinda’s wife does not like to talk to Krishna

Govinda said, “The way Krishna Abhishek has presented me in front of everyone by making me a villain. I felt bad about him. He had accepted that things were going bad in his life because of me. My wife told me that I don’t interfere in Krishna’s life. She told me that the young generation has their own way of doing things, but today they also don’t like to talk to Krishna.”

Would love to see this love off camera: Govinda

Govinda said that he has played the role of a hero in at least 100 films. Now I have come to know how the media can be dodged. When Manish told that Krishna was actually apologizing through his show and even cried. To this, Govinda said, “Come on, I would love to see this love off-camera too. She has been brought up very well, but she has to understand that sometimes writers use actors in the media, but it also has a role to play.” There’s a limit.”

Govinda praises Krishna

Talking further about Krishna, Govinda said, “He is a good boy. All I would say is keep working and working hard, no problem in that. Relax. God bless you.”

This controversy started with the tweet of Kashmira Shah

The dispute between Govinda and Krishna started when Krishna’s wife Kashmera Shah tweeted in 2018 that some people dance for money. On this tweet, Sunita Ahuja had said that this tweet has been done against Govinda. After this Govinda and Sunita cut all relations with Krishna and Kashmera. Even in 2019, when Govinda, Sunita and their daughter Tina came on Kapil Sharma’s show, Krishna did not come as Sunita did not want to share the stage with him.

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