Reaction of Inspector who stopped Rahman’s concert: Said- I asked the organizers to stop the show..they didn’t pay attention so had to go on stage myself

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Oscar-winning music composer and singer AR Rahman was stopped from singing during a live concert in Pune on April 30. Santosh Patil, a police officer, is in a lot of headlines after this incident. In fact, it was Santosh who stopped Rahman from going on stage and singing the song.

He has said in an interview that whatever step he took, he took it keeping the law in mind. Santosh said that when he had no option left, he himself had to stop the concert by going on stage.

Show closed keeping in mind the rules- Santosh
Senior Inspector of Pune Police Santosh Patil said in an interview to Pune Mirror, “As a police officer, I should not give interviews to the media. I will not say much in this matter.

But the Supreme Court has a clear order that no loud music should be played after 10 pm. I talked to the organizers about this but they did not pay attention. After that I had to go on stage and stop Rahman and other musicians present there from singing the song. Since time was running out, I had to take this step.

Rahman said – time is over so the show should be closed
Rahman himself has posted a video on his social media in which Santosh Patil has climbed the stage to stop the show. Rahman is saying in that video that time is over, so he should stop the show now. He also said that what the police is doing is not wrong.

Fans are commenting a lot on AR Rahman’s video. Some people have praised the activism of the policeman on duty. At the same time, most people have praised Rahman’s gesture.

Users wrote – The policeman had to become a hero, so he climbed on the stage
A fan wrote, ‘There is a lot to be learned from the way you handled the situation.’ While one wrote, ‘This attitude of the policeman was not right. This is a direct insult to your talent. I apologize to you on behalf of the entire city.

One fan wrote, ‘What difference would it have made if a few minutes were extra. There are other issues in this country which should be addressed. A user wrote on Rahman’s video, if the policeman wanted, he could have gone backstage and talked about stopping the show. But he had to become a hero in the eyes of the whole world.

Rahman might not have known the time
A Pune Police officer said at that time- ‘AR Rahman was singing his last song in this music concert. Maybe they didn’t know the time. Our police personnel present there gave them a message that it is past 10 pm, so no live program can be done after 10 pm without permission as per Supreme Court guidelines.

Rahman obeyed the police and went back stage, ending the programme.

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