Reaction on the revelation of ‘Sach Kahun To’: Satish Kaushik explains the reason why he wanted to marry Neena Gupta without getting pregnant

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Actress Neena Gupta has recently launched her autobiography ‘Sach Kahoon To’. In the book, Neena talks about her life and her journey in the film industry. In this book, he has made an interesting disclosure about his friend Satish Kaushik. In Autobiography, Neena told that when she was pregnant, Satish Kaushik proposed her for marriage. Now during an interview, Satish reacted on this issue and said that I was worried about Nina’s loneliness.

Satish was worried about Neena’s loneliness

Satish said that whatever is written in autobiography was my way of showing my love as a friend. He said that he was worried about Nina’s loneliness. Satish said that when he offered to marry Neena, it was a combination of laughter, concern, respect and support for my friend in times of need.

Neena’s husband Vivek is a good friend of Satish

Recalling that incident, Satish said, “As it is written in the book that I proposed to Neena for marriage. I then told her ‘Main hoon na, tu worry kyun karti hai?’ After this Neena had tears in her eyes. From that day our friendship grew stronger. I am happy that she has done a great job as an actor. She is recognized as a strong woman in our society. Neena’s husband Vivek Mehra is also a good friend of mine.” According to Autobiography, when Neena was pregnant, Satish told her, “Don’t worry, if the baby is born with dark skin, you can say it’s mine and we’ll get married. There will be no doubt.”

Neena was seen in ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’

Neena Gupta was seen in the recently released film ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’. In this film, Neena has played the role of a 90-year-old old woman. Arjun Kapoor was seen in the role of his grandson in this film. The film’s Avala Neena will soon be seen in films like ’83’, ‘Dial 100’ and ‘Gwalior’.

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