Reaction: When you are bringing OTT platform to self regulation, then there is no need to bring such a redundant rating system – Pahlaj Nihalani

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20 minutes agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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A guide line has been introduced by the government for the OTT platform. In this, the OTT platform has been divided into age-based content categories, 13 years, 16 years and A category, ranging from creating a self-regulating body. After all, how effective will this guide line of the government be. Let us know the officials who were on the censor board and connected with cinema Pahlaj Nihalani Has responded

No rating system needed
Two things are being mixed in it. One then U, U / A and A in the rating system. In today’s era, U stands for clean picture and U / A means a 12 year old child can see a picture with his or her parents. An adult picture can be viewed by a child above 18 years of age. Now tell, this is the talk of OTT and bringing self regulation in it, then the rating does not mean. Now the era is changing so much that from U to U / A, there is no need to bring so much rating system. There is no issue with U and U / A. The issue is between U / A and Adult and the issue after A.

  • Second, one must come for 21 years of age, as marriage is eligible after 21 years. The content that is currently showing on OTT is over 21 years of content. If you are bringing OTT platform to self regulation, then there is no need to bring such a redundant rating system. If you want to apply, then bring it for 12 to 15 and 15 to 21 years. It has been so many years, yet you are still wandering in the same world. Say that there is Liberation, you are giving Liberation to OTT, then give Liberation to the film industry, that too bring self regulation. Then what is the need of censor board in cinema.
  • How will two policies make a pride? That means show everything in OTT and put rest in the hard work done in cinema. There is no issue, there are three ratings. What a joke Right now the content which is showing on OTT, on which people have objections, people are going to court, it is on vulgarity and violence. Adult content that is not passing in the cinema is being shown on OTT.
  • After all, what rating will sex and vulgarity come in! When they react to the dirty thing, then the court actor also takes action with the producer who produces the content. Then where is the issue! Why is the ministry suffering so much !! Then the sensor board should be closed. Anyway, there is not even a right officer. According to me, what Prakash Javadekar has extracted today is completely wrong. The industry should leave to self regulation. The manner in which officers are being appointed in the censor board is unacceptable. They do not work and they have the key to harass people.

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