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Vehicles impounded for violating rules are parked on the roadside at Karpaga Nagar near K Pudur. These vehicles are kept there for years together till the disposal of the case by the courts concerned. Apart from the vehicles getting rusted, they are an eyesore. Also they hinder smooth flow of traffic and cause inconvenience to the residents.

It is ironic that the law enforcing authorities themselves are violating the rules and treat the road as dumping ground for seized vehicles. Instead, the police department can secure bank guarantee from the offenders of the vehicles value till the disposal of the case. If the case ends in favour of the department, it can redeem the bank guarantee.

The vehicle can be put to productive use. Keeping a seized vehicle in the open for years together and auctioning it in the end will yield little to the government and is a national loss.

N. Subramaniyam,


Thousands of people work at SIDCO Industrial Estate in Kappalur. A spinning mill and a school also function there. The four-lane road stretch from Thoppur to Thirumangalam is one of the busiest thoroughfares. The SIDCO / Kappalur Colony junction witnesses traffic from all sides and people find it difficult to cross the road during the peak hours.

Similarly, Koothiyarkundu on the Madurai side is also a busy junction. The authorities concerned must provide automatic traffic signals at both these places or at least depute traffic personnel during peak hours to control the traffic and provide safety to pedestrians.

D. Ganesh,


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