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‘Reason For Delay’: Video Of Woman Dancing On IndiGo Flight Leaves Internet Angry – News18

‘Reason For Delay’: Video Of Woman Dancing On IndiGo Flight Leaves Internet Angry – News18

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The passenger danced to the song Style Style. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Viewers were left shocked and annoyed by the passenger’s behaviour.

Creating and sharing videos of dancing in public places has become incredibly popular. Many content creators pull out their cameras in crowded spots to gain online traction, often causing disruptions. Recently, this trend has escalated to new heights, quite literally. A viral video of a woman dancing on an IndiGo flight has sparked a storm on the internet, eliciting mixed reactions from social media users who are both shocked and annoyed by the passenger’s behaviour.

The viral footage, shared on Instagram by user Salma Sheikh, captures her clad in a black saree, dancing to the popular Tamil song Style Style from the 1995 Tamil action film Baashha in the aisle of an IndiGo aircraft. Fellow passengers observe her performance while flight crew members are seen closing the overhead bins.

Watch the viral video here:

Since hitting the web, the video has created quite a stir online, racking up to 2 million views. The comment section is buzzing with a flurry of reactions from social media users.

One user remarked, “Passenger felt much embarrassed …moreover it’s not her private flight to do such nonsense….”

Another sarcastically wrote “Reason for flights getting delayed…”

Someone else shared, “This video is SO CRINGE. Like don’t we all have a level of shyness to do stuff like this in public? Ugh. I don’t know whether I should appreciate that she is courageous or make fun of her reel choices.”

A user pondered, “So now this happens on flight as well? I thought it was just in traffic signals and trains…”

Another chimed in with, “This is not her private jet… don’t allow like this disturbance.”

One individual lamented, “Day by day aviation is becoming a joke and place for these kind of drama! Places like Airport, inside planes n all should have strict code of conduct otherwise this will lead to a security concern one day for sure..”

And another humorously commented, “Insecurity is scared of her.”

Over a month ago, another video went viral featuring a woman dancing to a popular Bollywood track. Dressed in a salwar kurta, she performed dramatic dance moves on the song Aap Ka Aana from the film Kurukshetra at what appeared to be Mumbai airport.

The video drew significant criticism with many calling her act a public nuisance and urging airport authorities to take stern action against her.

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