Record breaking rain in Varanasi this monsoon; Then Badla Assi Ka Aarti Sthal. Varanasi record breaking rain this monsoon; Then changed eighty’s aarti place

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This photo of Varanasi is from this morning. At this time it is thickly cloudy here. At the same time, Ganga is again seen taking a bird’s eye form.

Varanasi received the heaviest rain of the monsoon tonight. According to the Meteorological Department, Babatpur and Banaras Hindu University, there was a record-breaking 66 mm of rain in one night. According to the department, tonight’s rain has fulfilled the quota of rain for September. Kashi was raining heavily with lightning and thunder. So much rain in one go has shocked the people. If it rains day or night today, the 10-year record of rain in the month of September can be broken.

The rain did not stop in Varanasi for about 2-3 hours at night. During that time the wind was blowing at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour. The night’s rain has flooded the entire city. The weather has become very happy due to the rain. At the same time, there is a lot of difficulty in walking in the streets and alleys. There is mud and water scattered all over the place.

good rain throughout september

The weather has remained much better since this morning. It’s cloudy. The temperature has come down to 26 degree Celsius. Humidity is maintained up to 99%. Varanasi recorded a maximum temperature of 32.4 degrees Celsius and a minimum temperature of 23.6 degrees Celsius. Professor Manoj Kumar Srivastava, Meteorologist of Banaras Hindu University said that light sunshine may occur till today afternoon. However, there may be a lot of rain throughout September.

37 cm rise in the water level of Ganga

Ganga continues to be in spate. Today, an increase of 37 cm has been recorded in the Ganges. Ganga is increasing every hour at the rate of 3 cm per hour. The Aarti Sthal of Assi Ghat has been changed again to 3 steps up. At the same time, people were facing problems in taking bath and paddy at the ghats. Varanasi Police has completely banned ferry operations in the Ganges.

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