Record in football: Manchester City in third consecutive FA Cup semi-finals after 86 years; Newcastle could win 2 out of 94 matches abroad

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Kevin De Bruyne of the Manchester City team scored his second goal in the tournament. He scored the second goal for the team in the 90th minute of the match.

Manchester City have made it to the FA Cup semi-finals for the third consecutive time. This is the first time this has happened after 86 years. Earlier this achievement was achieved between 1931 and 1934. English Club City defeated the Everton team 2–0.

The City team had a quarter-final clash with the Everton club after 40 years. The city had also won the last time. In 1981, Everton suffered a 3–1 defeat.

Kevin scored his second goal of the tournament

Ikea Gundogan of Manchester City team scored the first goal of the match in the 84th minute. He achieved this with a header. This was his first goal in the tournament. Kevin De Bruyne scored his second goal in the tournament. He scored the second goal for the team in the 90th minute of the match.

City team won 25 out of last 26 matches
This time, the City team has not lost a match in the FA Cup tournament. He won 15 of 16 matches and played a match draw. The overall city team has won 25 of the last 26 matches. During this time he has lost only one match, in which Manchester United were defeated 2–0.

Newcastle’s second win in 94 matches at overseas ground
In the English Premier League (EPL) on Saturday, the Newcastle team lost to Brighton 3–0 at home. Simultaneously, Ecastal continues to have a bad phase on foreign land in the EPL. He has won only two out of the last 94 matches. They have defeated Tottenham in both these matches.

The first match was won in October 2014 and the second match in December 2015. Since then, the newcastle team could not win any match on foreign ground.

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