Recoveries outpace new COVID-19 cases in Malappuram

As many as 1,010 infected persons recovered from COVID-19 in the district on Thursday when 447 persons tested positive for the virus.

District officials said it was a good sign in general. However, they warned the people not to lower their guard against the disease.

As many as 327 of the new cases were found to have contracted the virus through direct local contact. There were 54 cases without an identifiable source of origin.

30 health workers

Among the cases tested positive on Thursday, there were 30 health workers. It was the biggest number of health workers testing positive on a single day in the district. While 26 of the newly infected came from abroad, 10 came from other States.

The number of active cases currently under treatment in the district dipped to 7,993 on Thursday. However, more than 49,000 people are quarantined across Malappuram.

‘Stay at home’

District Medical Officer K. Sakeena said that it was time that people maintained more vigil and that their cooperation was a must to prevent the spread of the virus. Dr. Sakeena advised people to stay put at their homes.

“Please come out of your homes only if it is necessary,” she said.

In Wayanad

As many as 143 people tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in Wayanad district on Thursday. Of them, 141 were infected through contact and two persons came back from other States. The district has so far reported 5,352 COVID-19 cases. Of those, 4,203 have recovered from the disease. The total number of active cases stands at 1,119 in the district.


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