Red Cross Society will provide oxygen concentrator to the people of Lucknow | Red Cross Society to provide oxygen concentrator to the people of Lucknow; This facility will be available from June 12

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Lucknow Red Cross Society Treatment

Lucknow Red Cross Society will provide oxygen concentrator to the people for treatment. No charge will be taken from anyone for this. On Thursday, this information was given by the secretary of the society, Amarnath Mishra. He told that for this 15 oxygen concentrators are being taken in the first round. This facility will start from Saturday 12th June.

During this, help will come from the office of the society located at Kaiserbagh. The Red Cross has also released a number regarding this. Where any needy person can get help by contacting. Amarnath Mishra said that during this time a letter of any two honorary person who seeks help will have to be issued. After this it will be given to him.

He told that no money will be taken from the people below the poverty line. 12 thousand rupees will be deposited from the rest. 12 thousand will be returned after depositing the concentrator. In this, if the concerned person wants, he can give his money to the Red Cross Society, from this other necessary equipment will be purchased.

will be given for 12 days
Concentrator will be given for 12 days. Even after that, if the patient needs him, he will have to inform the society and show the medical report. Legal action will be taken against those who do not do so. Actually, due to lack of oxygen in Lucknow, many people had lost their lives in the past. Even in many places there was uproar and ruckus. Hospitals refused to treat in case of lack of oxygen. Now the information about the arrival of the third phase is going on. The Health Department and social organizations are making special preparations so that there is no problem in this. So that people do not suffer.

You can contact on these numbers

  • Amarnath Mishra – 9415026048,7007551843
  • OP Reader – 9415022932
  • Naveen Gupta – 9839059679

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