Register to take advantage of the schemes of Labor Department in Firozabad. Register to take advantage of the schemes of the Labor Department in Firozabad

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The number of workers has increased after the Corona period

After the Corona period, youths got registered in the labor department in Firozabad rapidly or to say that the number of workers in the city has increased. Statistics show that the maximum number of workers has increased during the Corona period.

Labor Department’s schemes gave relief
The schemes run by the Labor Department made the difficulties of the construction workers in trouble during the Corona transition period. As a result of this, the number of beneficiaries of various schemes run by the Labor Department increased very rapidly in one year. During the Korena period, the construction workers took maximum benefit in the disaster relief plan. Thousands of laborers got an amount of one thousand directly in the form of disaster relief in the account, which helped them a lot.

Workers getting benefits of schemes
Rajeshwari Devi, a resident of Kailash Nagar, says that during the Corona period, two thousand rupees were sent directly to the account by the government as disaster relief, which helped a lot in running the house. Two years ago our daughter got a bicycle. The daughter is studying in BA after getting the benefit of the scheme run by the Labor Department. Regarding this, Assistant Labor Commissioner Arun Kumar Singh says that many public welfare schemes are being run by the government in the interest of construction workers. The Labor Department is fully active to get more and more workers the benefits of these schemes. During the Corona period, by registering more than one lakh workers, they were given the benefits of government schemes.

Status of workers three years ago
Year 2018-19 – 69,282
Year 2021-22- 2,58,532

The number of such workers increased in three years
Year 2019-20 – 11,836
Year 2020-21 – 86,015
Year 2021-22 – 91,399

One thousand each got help in the form of disaster relief
Year 2020-21 – 45,129
Year 2021-22 – 1,45,010

Financial Year — Number of Beneficiaries — Amount Disbursed
2019-20 —— 17465, 7.34 cr
2020-21 —- 56910, 14.71 crore
2021-22 —- 181933, 44.32 crore
Total——— 2,56,308, 66.38 crore

Status of Benefit in Disaster Assistance Plan
2019-20 — 12607 —- 1.26 cr
2020-21 —- 45131 —- 4.51 cr
2021-22 —- 171002 —-17.10 cr
Total- —- 2,28,740 —- 22.87 crore

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