Registrations open for Thespo 22 digital youth theatre festival

The festival for aspiring theatre actors under 25 will be held between December 16 and 20 this year

Mumbai-based theatre group Thespo is inviting aspiring actors under 25 for its digital theatre festival, Thespo 22, to be held between December 16 and 20.

To feature in Thespo’s Flagship Performances segment, the play, featuring one or more actors, lasting at least 45 minutes, must be submitted. The play can be in any language, any genre, and from any location, according to the organisers. A screening panel of two theatre professionals will then watch all the registered performances live and provide feedback. The selected line up of Flagship Performances will be announced in November.

The fest’s Audio-Torium segment will showcase exclusive audio narrations.

Thespo is an offshoot of Quasar Thakore Padamsee’s theatre production company QTP. This is the first time the group is organising a digital theatre fest. Padamsee is excited about the experiment. “A lot of us are oldies. We work in theatre and are trying to make sense of the online world,” he says, “For the first time, the artistic community looks to the younger members for guidance in interpreting this world. The possibilities are exciting. And I can’t wait to see what gets thrown up, whether it’s a show conceived on WhatsApp or Zoom or Twitch or something unknown.”

You can register here on or before September 25. For more information, visit or mail [email protected] or call +919833764526


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