Rehan’s inventions

The Assignment Helper, Vegetable Guzzler, or a pen that remembers your lessons for you — which one would you break your piggy bank for?

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are well and safe.

I am Rehan, 10 years old and going into Std V. During the extended lockdown, when we had online classes for a year, I did a lot of thinking. My parents slashed my pocket money by half, saying that as I was home all the time, I wouldn’t need so much money.

Making more money

So I decided to do something to increase my income. This year, I want to invent a few things that will not just make a student’s life easy but will also make me rich. I can then do away without asking for pocket money or a raise. Let me tell you about them.

I would like to invent a robot — I will call it A.H. or the Assignment Helper — that does all my homework.

Then I will have more free time to do other things like travel around India giving guest lectures on being creative and inventing things, attending functions organised in my honour without worrying about the stress of completing boring and long assignments, and playing and chatting with friends. Students who buy this robot will start social media fan pages in my name and call me the best thing on two legs. I’ll become a trending hashtag across social media.

Another thing I want to invent is the Vegetable Guzzler. This small robot called VGR will be powered by all things green, especially vegetables like spinach, drumsticks, turnips, pumpkins, brinjal and lady’s fingers that most mothers love to cook. This robot won’t work on batteries but will get its energy every time you let it eat your boring lunch or dinner. Seeing how often my mother cooks these vegetables every week, it will be a win-win situation. I’m sure other children will pay a bomb to buy the VGR, so this invention is sure to make me super rich.

Help with studies

High on my list of inventions is a Magic Pen, which listens to teachers’ lectures and continues to write, irrespective of whether or not the student is paying attention. These pens will also have a special memory chip embedded inside to make them remember the lessons. So, even though the student may have forgotten the lessons, the pen will remember it during tests and exams. These pens will make me super popular and super-duper rich, as I’m sure every student will break his/her piggy bank for it.

No, they won’t ask their parents for these pens as birthday gifts, because they don’t want their parents to know about it. Who won’t want these Magic Pens during exams? They will ensure that there will be no low marks or scoldings from parents. Both teachers and students will be happy.

Saving water?

I also want to invent a special cologne, one squirt of which will wash away all body odours. This invention will help save water, as it will make a daily bath redundant. For people like me, it’s a big blessing; a double one in winter and triple in summer when my mother expects me to bathe twice a day.

I already have everything in place to make stretchable jeans, which will stretch as the person grows both horizontally and vertically. This way, we will never outgrow our favourite pair, as it will grow with us. This will be especially helpful now, as most of us are sitting at home, eating a lot and not exercising.

So for which of my invention are you planning to break your piggy bank?


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