Rehni’s bridge was washed away after the glacier broke, the road to China border was closed. | Said – Due to the breaking of the glacier, the bridge of Rehni was washed away, the way to reach China border was closed; The situation in Dhauliganga Ganga river is horrific

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  • Rehni’s Bridge Was Washed Away After The Glacier Broke, The Road To China Border Was Closed.

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Uttarakhand39 minutes agoAuthor: Rajesh Sharma

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Due to the breaking of glacier in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, severe flooding conditions occurred in Dhauliganga River. Debris along with water also flowed into the river at Joshi Math.

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  • Terror by the sound of a cloudburst reaching 21 km by 2 pm

In the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, there is a flood situation in the Dhauliganga River due to the breaking of the glacier. The scene of destruction is seen everywhere. A strong current of water and debris is coming from the mountains. The road to China border has also been closed due to the flow of the bridge of Malari Road in Rehni village. The Rishiganga power project was swept away by the incident in Tapovan area of ​​Chamoli. Hotelier Pradeep Dimoli of Joshimath Sunday afternoon over the disaster Dainik Bhaskar Discussed with.

He said that Tapovan, Srinagar and Rishikesh dams have also been damaged, but the bridge of Malari Road in Rehni village, 40 km away from the glacier, has been washed away. This has blocked the way to China border. The link road is also closed. After crossing about six villages including Valley, Lata, Surai Chhota, there is a China border at about 70 km. He said, how much loss of life and property was lost, it is difficult to say at the moment, but due to the flow of Malari bridge, the way to China border has been closed. For the army too, this is the only route that leads to the border.

According to Dimoli, in Joshimath, about 21 km from Chamoli, there is panic like a cloudburst till 2 pm. Villages on the banks of the river are being evacuated here. However, the possibility of damage is less here, because about 30 feet of debris is flowing with the water in the river, due to which the speed of water is less. He said that due to the breaking of the glacier, flood situation has occurred in the area of ​​about 40 kilometers of Rehni, Tapovan, Joshmath, Chamoli and Vanakothi.

Army took over
Dimoli said that within an hour of the accident, Army personnel reached Tapovan. Started evacuating the village around 12 o’clock. By the afternoon, the soldiers of the NDRF and SDRF along with the army moved the people of the village settled along the river to a safe place. However, in addition to Joshimath, about a dozen villages have been kept on alert.

What happens when a glacier bursts or breaks?
Over the years, glaciers are formed due to the accumulation of huge amounts of snow and its location. 99 percent of the glaciers are in the form of ice sheets, also known as continental glaciers. This occurs mostly in polar regions or mountainous regions of elevation. Similar glaciers are also found in the Himalayan regions.

When a geological movement (gravity, approaching plates, or moving away) breaks down when there is activity under it. Many times, due to global warming, glacier ice melts and breaks into large ice pieces. This process is called glacier bursting or breakage. It is also known as calving or glacier outburst.


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