Reject nominations only if there are ample reasons: SEC

State Election Commissioner V. Bhaskaran has instructed the polling officials to reject nomination papers only after ensuring that there are enough reasons to do so after checking the Kerala Municipality Act/Panchayati Raj Act.

The nomination will be rejected if it is found that the candidate is legally ineligible to be a member of a local body. The papers cannot be filed after 3 p.m. on the days set aside for filing nominations. Only the candidates or a person nominated by the candidate can file the nomination.


The nomination paper should have the signatures of the nominee and the candidate. The candidate should be a voter of any constituency (ward) of the particular local body in which he/she is contesting, while the nominee should be a voter from the particular ward, where the candidate is contesting. In case the candidate is a voter of another constituency, the relevant portion of the voterโ€™s list should be produced. No candidate can file nominations for more than one ward of a local body. In case all the nomination papers of a candidate are rejected, an order listing out the reasons will be issued.

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