Rekha started crying after listening to Saroj Khan's scolding: The story is from the film 'Sheshnag', she was reprimanded for coming late on the set.

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Rekha was counted among the top actresses of her time. You will be surprised that even such a big actress had to be scolded on the set. Not only this, Rekha cried a lot after hearing the scolding. This story is from 33 years ago. During this time Rekha was shooting for the film 'Sheshnag'. He had a fight with popular choreographer Saroj Khan on the set. During the fight, Saroj Khan scolded Rekha a lot. Even the people present there could not understand why there was a fight between them.

It was the era of 1990, Saroj Khan was teaching dance to Rekha for the film 'Sheshnag'. The makers gave only a few days to Saroj Khan to teach dance. Rekha used to reach the set a little late. Saroj had asked the makers to ask Rekha to come on time for rehearsal.

According to media reports, Rekha delayed a day too much. Because of him the entire unit had to wait. At last Saroj Khan got tired of waiting for Rekha and had to pack up.

The decision to cast Rekha in 'Sheshnag' was taken by director K.R. Reddy's. Saroj Khan had choreographed all the songs of this film. Saroj Khan was teaching dance to Rekha in the song 'O Mere Dushman' from this film. In an interview, Saroj Khan had told the reason for the fight with Rekha.

Perhaps Rekha was not comfortable working with me- Saroj Khan

In an interview given to 'Lahren', Saroj Khan had said – There was no misunderstanding between me and Rekha. That controversy was created without any reason. I only asked that Rekha ji, I feel that you have a problem with me. You have a problem with me. I call you for rehearsal, but you don't come. Now that you have come for shooting, you are saying that I am not well, so either get your dance master changed or tell the producer that you do not want to work with me. You will have some problem. You don't want to work with me.

Saroj Khan had told- When I told this to Rekha, she started crying. His eyes were filled with tears. Saroj said- Every actor has a favorite choreographer. I think maybe she was not comfortable working with me. After hearing all this, Rekha goes to her makeup room. People on the set started talking that Rekha was crying in the room. Saroj Khan comes to know about this.

Saroj went to Rekha and explained to her. Saroj tells Rekha that she has not said anything wrong, she just wants that she can change the dance master if she is not comfortable with him. But Rekha did not do this, she did the song with Saroj Khan only.

Let us tell you, Saroj Khan died on 3 July 2020 at the age of 71. He breathed his last at Guru Nanak Hospital in Mumbai.

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