Relatives used to be made by wearing new clothes, flew more than 200 mobiles. Relatives used to wear new clothes, blew up more than 200 mobiles

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Four three youths along with the police were caught by Kharkhoda police.

The Kharkhoda police station of Meerut has arrested three youths of the gang who used mobile phones in the marriage ceremony on Friday evening. The police have recovered 6 stolen mobile phones from these youths.

During interrogation, it has been found that the three youths have flown more than 200 mobiles in the last one year in Meerut, Hapur, Medinagar and Ghaziabad. The police have registered an FIR against all three. SP Dehat Keshav Kumar said that all three have been caught from the CC TV footage. Those who are residents of Hapur.

style of flying mobile in wedding ceremony

The three arrested youths are Shadab, Tayyab and Farman. Among them, Shadab’s age is 30 years. The other two youths are in the age group of 20 to 21 years. The leader of the gang is Shadab. During interrogation, Shadab told the police that he used to go out in the evening wearing branded goods, new shoes and good clothes.

Wherever the marriage took place in the mandap or other places in Hapur Road and surrounding areas, it was known in advance. Today, decoration is also being done here with lights. From this, they used to guess that there is a sure marriage, in this they have to complete their work.

Wearing new clothes, they used to reach the wedding on time. Be it the bride or the groom, everyone revolves around the relatives. Eating food and sitting at different tables in the pavilion itself. Due to which the girl side feels that the boys are relatives of the side. The girl’s side feels that it will be the relatives of the groom.

mobile phone blowing up in the blink of an eye

Shadab and Farman said that most of the women carry mobile in their hands to handle their purse in the marriage ceremony. In such a situation, many times women or other people would put mobile phones on the table. After which he would blow up the mobile in the blink of an eye and disappear from there.

style of entering the pavilion

The arrested youth told that where the marriage would have taken place. Enter inside the gate in that mandap or wedding ceremony venue when the people of the procession would come. So that photos cannot come in the video and the face is not detected in the CC TV camera. Used to choose a place where there is no photographer making the video.

Strings related to Sharad Gang

The three mobile thieves caught are joining the international mobile smuggler Sharad Gang. These three youths used to sell mobiles at different places for 3 to 4 thousand after theft. Sharad was caught a month ago with his gang. Sharad Giri used to send 2500 to 3000 mobile phone IMEI every month to Nepal, China and other countries.

These are the arrested youths

1. Shadab son Nasir resident of Pilkhua district Hapur.

2. Tayyab son Babbu resident Pilkhua Hapur.

3. Farman’s son Sahabuddin is resident of Pilkhua district Hapur.

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