Religion-Meditation: God always protects his devotees-Acharya

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JalandharMoments before

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  • Shrimad Bhagwat Katha going on in Shiv Shakti Baglamukhi temple

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha was performed in Shiv Shakti Baglamukhi Temple, Dilbag Nagar Extension, 120 feet road. Acharya Yogendra Yogi Maharaj while describing the Prahlada episode told that King Hiranyakashyap had a son who always had devotion to Lord Vishnu.

King Hiranyakashyap always asked her to do her worship. The king dropped Prahlada into a well, placed him in the fire as well, but he kept reciting Lord Vishnu. The king warmed the Tham of the palace and asked him to hug him, Prahlada Bhagat panicked, but when he saw the ant moving there, embraced the Tham. After this, Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Narasimha and killed King Hiranyakashyap. He narrated the story that God always protects his devotees. Here Happy Narang, Parveen Katyal, Ajay Narang, Pankaj Sarpal, Rakesh Angural, Vicky Agnihotri, Rajesh Manchanda, Ujjwal Narang, Vicky Vij, Keshav Luthra, Ankit, Sushil Katyal, Meenakshi Sarpal, Geetika, Ample Thakur, Education, Pooja Sharma, Rashmi Aggarwal, Amrita Pathak were present.


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