Reluctant villagers vacate Vemulaghat, Pallepahad

The scenes at Vemulaghat and Pallepahad villages on Wednesday were of emotional residents having to let go of their place of birth and moving to the Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) Colony.

It was one of the worst moments of their lives. They had never in their wildest dreams imagined that one day they would have to leave their villages and move permanently to a new place.

The oustees from the submerging villages under Mallannasagar project had to vacate one by one to the R&R Colony, though the facilities were yet to be in place.

According to sources, about 200 families from Vemulaghat village in Toguta mandal that waged a stiff fight with the government demanding implementation of Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act – 2013 (LA Act – 2013) vacated the village.

Oustees of Pallepahad thanda promised the officials that they would vacate the village in a day or two. They performed Santh Sevalal puja in the village on Tuesday one last time before vacating. The officials were reportedly arranging transport vehicles like DCMs to the oustees to help them vacate.

Meanwhile, videos of women and the elderly hugging and consoling each other, with children staring at them, on being forcibly vacated from the village were going viral on social media.

“We are vacating the village to begin a new life at the R&R Colony at Mutrajpally. Some of us are yet to get house allotments and officials are stating that the second list will be released shortly. Those who opted for open plots with an amount of ₹5.04 lakh for construction of houses will be provided temporary accommodation for about three months,” Paripoornachary, an oustee from Pallepahad, told The Hindu, adding that about 60 families vacated the village on Wednesday.


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