Remdesivir Available At These 30 Locations In Delhi

Coronavirus: COVID-19 cases have been rising in Delhi

New Delhi:

The Delhi government has listed 30 sites from where one can get the anti-viral drug remdesivir for critical COVID-19 patients. The Delhi Police have been asked to provide good security at these sites.

Remdesivir being an investigational therapy drug is given in acute and severe versions of Covid where oxygen support is a must, the centre has said.

Remdesivir Available In These 30 Shops In Delhi by NDTV on Scribd

The centre has also mapped manufacturers of remdesivir with 19 states that have high Covid case burden. This will ensure smooth and fast delivery of the medicine, the centre said in a statement. Delhi is in one of the 19 states that will get this allocation.

The surge in Covid cases in recent weeks have led to what is now being called a deadlier second wave of the pandemic. Social media is full of stories of desperate people trying to find oxygen or a hospital bed for their friends and family.

More and more people this time are complaining of breathlessness, which needs oxygen support. However, the supply of oxygen has become severely limited due to the sudden jump in demand across cities and towns.


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