Reply to trollers: Mrunal Thakur stopped speaking of body shamers, said – some pay for it .. some have it naturally

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Bollywood actress Mrinal Thakur recently faced body shaming. Mrunal had shared a video on social media, on which trollers commented on her body. At the same time, Mrinal could not remain silent after seeing all this. Mrinal replied to the trollers by commenting and stopped speaking.

Mrinal gave a befitting reply to the trollers

Actually, Mrinal had shared a video of the workout routine on social media, in which she was seen with her fitness expert. In the video, she was seen wearing a black top and shorts. While watching the video, the celebs praised him, while some users targeted him.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “Your back is like a pot.” Mrinal gave him a befitting reply and wrote, “Thank you Bhaiya ji.” On the other hand, another troller wrote, “Shrink your lower part. Natural look is better, too much fat creates confusion.” Reacting to this, Mrinal wrote, “Some pay for it.. Some have it naturally.. We just have to flaunt friend. You flaunt.”

Mrinal made his point through the post

After all this, Mrinal shared a post on social media and wrote, “Do you all have any idea how hard we work to stay fit? This is my body type and I can’t do anything about it. So I have only one solution, that is to flaunt it and nothing else. However, I am trying to do everything to stay fit.”

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