Reply to trollers: Rubina Dilaik, furious over body shaming, said- ‘I did not hire PR, if I do not tip the paparazzi, will my ability not be seen

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Bigg Boss 14 winner and actress Rubina Dilaik’s weight has increased since Kovid got infected. The actress often shares her thoughts about this, although some fans are body-shaming her for her constant weight gain. There are many trollers among them who are constantly sending hate messages to the actress. Now Rubina has given a befitting reply to these fans by sharing a note.

Rubina recently shared a post on social media, in which it is written, Dear well wishers, I see that my increased weight is bothering you. You are constantly sending me hate mails and messages. If I haven’t hired any PR or if I don’t tip the paparazzi, you don’t see my ability. You’re threatening me to quit fandom because I’m fat now, I don’t dress well and I’m not working hard to achieve big projects.

The actress further wrote, Well, I am very disappointed that for you my physical appearance is more important than my talent and my commitment to work. This is my life and it has many phases and you are also a part of my life. I respect my fans, so don’t call yourself my fan.

Weight increased by 7 kg after Kovid recovery

Recently, Rubina shared a post on her increased weight through a post. In this, she wrote, I am learning to love myself after knowing that a perfect body, or a thin body, does not decide who I am. I have lost 7 kgs after recovering from covid which made me very uncomfortable and less confident. I am working very hard to come to 50 but….

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