Rescued 10 people trapped on the first floor, the fire brigade got it under control after 2 hours. The fire brigade team saved lives by rescuing 10 people trapped on the first floor.

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Smoke rising after a fire broke out in a building in Moolganj Chappar Mohal.

A fire broke out in a house in Chappar Mohal Khoya Bazar of Moolganj police station area on Wednesday evening. Due to being a plastic godown, the ground floor fire started blazing after reaching the first floor within a few minutes. About 10 people were trapped in the house. As soon as the information about the matter was received, four vehicles from Latush Road Fire Station reached the spot. Rescued the trapped people from the neighboring houses safely. About eight vehicles were able to control the fire with hard work of two hours.

After the fire broke out, the police and fire brigade rescued the people trapped in the house.

Saved 10 lives by pulling them out from the neighbor’s roof

Latush Road Fire Station in-charge Kailash Chandra said that there was a fire in a house in Moolganj’s Chappar Mohal Khoya Bazar. There is a plastic godown on the ground floor and first floor of Ritesh Sonkar’s house. While 10 people from two families live on the first floor. The fire started on the ground floor, the plastic godown fire reached the first floor within a few minutes and the fire started blazing fiercely. The fire was increasing and a family of 10 was trapped. The team went to the terrace of the neighborhood and rescued them. Three men, two women, two elders and two children were taken out from the eight feet high wall between the two houses. Meanwhile, the ground floor fire was stopped by pouring water on it. With the help of a total of eight vehicles from Fazalganj, Mirpur, Colonelganj, the fire was brought under control in two hours.

The warehouse was built keeping the standards in mind

The FSO said that preliminary investigation has revealed that the plastic godown was built keeping the standards in check. There was no emergency exit in the building. Not only this, even after having such a big godown, there was not even a single fire extinguisher installed. Notice will be given to the landlord.

Four cylinders kept in the middle of the fire

Fire officials said that during the rescue of the people living in the house, during interrogation, it was found that two families live in the second floor while there is a warehouse in the ground and the first floor. During interrogation, it was found that four LPG gas cylinders were kept in the house. Due to vigilance, the fire brigade personnel entered the house and brought out the cylinder. Had the fire reached the cylinder, a big accident could have happened.

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