Residents object to setting up of COVID-19 care centre

Residents of Athipattu in the Ambattur Assembly constituency on Sunday announced that they would boycott the election in protest against the COVID-19 care centre in their apartment.

Some residents said they developed symptoms of COVID-19 after the launch of the care centre in the area.

Five blocks in their apartment have been converted into a COVID-19 care centre by the Greater Chennai Corporation.

Residents, who staged a protest, said officials did not permit them to meet the Corporation Commissioner at Ripon Building when they wanted to request him to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their apartment.

โ€œThe inmates of the COVID-19 care centre are throwing garbage, including used masks, outside the building. This is increasing the risk of infection. The asymptomatic patients in the COVID-19 care centre are coming out to visit tea shops. The same persons who visit the COVID-19 care centre supply water to the apartment complex. We have informed officials. There is no response yet,โ€ said a resident.

Last week, the Corporation set up the centre in the Athipattu Tamil Nadu Housing Board residential area near Ambattur in Tiruvallur district without prior notice to residents.

After protests for a week, all the residents vacated their flats on Sunday and organised protests on the streets.

Poll boycott

Residents said they would surrender their voter ID cards and boycott the election scheduled for April 6. โ€œThe candidates in the Ambattur Assembly constituency have not visited our area,โ€ said a resident.

Corporation officials said over 100 patients were in the care centre, which can accommodate 5,000 patients.


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