‘Resume all assigned lands being enjoyed by others’

Senior Congress leader and Member of the Legislative Council T. Jeevan Reddy has demanded that the State government resume all assignment lands which was either encroached upon by others or in the possession of persons or entities other than beneficiaries or their heirs and redistribute it among Dalits.

A large of extent of such lands were transferred (sold) to others illegally and the encroachment of assigned lands had increased after the issuance of new pattadar passbooks by the State government, the Congress MLC said speaking to reporters here on Tuesday. Recalling that distribution of land to Dalits was launched by late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, he said such lands were being transacted illegally with the connivance of some officials of the Revenue department.

Stating that the government has every right to resume assigned lands if they were encroached upon or transferred to others, he requested the government to resume all such lands in a time-bound manner.

On the issue of Devarayamjal lands, the Congress leader said Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao appears to have resolved to target Eatala Rajender by showing encroachment and land-grabbing as the reasons. He sought to know in whose possession was over 900 acres of Endowments lands if Mr. Rajender was in possession of 600 acres. He alleged that most of the remaining lands were in the possession of other TRS leaders.

He asked the government to protect the Endowments lands under occupation of others in other parts of the State and questioned why the State government had failed to invest judicial powers in the Wakf Board. He hoped that something good would happen at least with the Eatala lands issue. He also wanted the government to bring out facts in the Kokapet, Hafeezpet and gangster Nayeem lands.

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