Revenge will be seen in the most prestigious Grand Slam Wimbledon: matches will also be held on Sunday, the top seed will be able to practice on the center-main show court

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Lush courts, strawberry-cream, white clothes… this is the hallmark of Wimbledon. But, there are some changes in the grass-court Grand Slam to be held from June 27. In this world’s oldest and prestigious tennis tournament, some traditions will be seen breaking this time.

Matches will also be played on Sunday, while players will be able to practice on Center Court and Court No. This Grand Slam will look changed. Roger Federer, the most successful player of this Grand Slam, will not play at Wimbledon for the first time in his career. The All England Tennis Club has banned Russian-Belarus players from playing because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a result, the ATP and WTA took away ranking points from the tournament.
Know about the changes happening this time…

For the first time there will be no break in the middle of Wimbledon, all 14 days will be matches
For the first time, there will be no break at Wimbledon on mid-Sunday. All the matches will be played for 14 days. Prior to this, matches were usually not held on the Sundays between the first week of Wimbledon and the second week. Matches were played only when the first few matches could not take place due to bad weather. Only four occasions in the tournament’s 145-year history were matches held on Middle Sundays. By doing this, broadcasters and organizers are expected to earn more.

Apart from playing the match on the center court, players will also land
Top players will be allowed to practice on the prestigious Center Court and Main Show Court (Court-1). Earlier, he could only go on this grass court when he had a match during the championship. Britain’s number-1 player Cameron Norie said that this would benefit the players.

The prestigious Center Court will celebrate 100th birthday
Center Court will celebrate its 100th birthday. The official towels of the championship have a different design every time. This time it will be shown the 100 years of the Center Court. After three years, outside the club, fans will be seen staying overnight in the camp and waiting for the ticket window to open.

World number-1 Medvedev and number-2 Zverev will not land
Number 1 Medvedev, Rublev and Sabalenka, Azarenka will not play due to the ban on Russia-Belarus players. Number 2 Zverev is recovering from a heel injury, so he withdrew. Federer of Switzerland is in rehab after knee surgery. Osaka withdrew with a leg injury.

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