Richa Chaddha and Dia Mirza complain; Twitter is deleting their tweets, users are also being unfollowed

26 minutes ago

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Actors Richa Chaddha and Dia Mirza, who are always active on social media, have made a new complaint. Richa tweeted that some of her tweets have been deleted and some people have been unfollowed. But he has done this work not by himself but by Twitter. While Diya says that her account has been followed by people whom she did not want to do.

Complain to Twitter by tweeting

Richa wrote in the tweet – Why Twitter India deleted the tweets. Unfollowed people for us. While replying to this tweet, Dia Mirza mentioned the same incident with her. Diya writes – Why yes, Twitter India, why I am following people who have never followed.

Twitter gave clarification

However, a day before, a Twitter user noticed that the micro blogging site was not working properly on Thursday. However, later on Twitter, it was clear from its handle that the problem has been rectified. See if it works or not. You may have trouble seeing and doing tweets, we have too. We have rectified it.


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