‘Rights and duties are equally important’

Emphasising that rights and duties were equally important, Madras High Court Judge Justice N. Kirubakaran said, “When you talk about rights, you should also speak about duties. While rights are being celebrated, duties are forgotten,” the judge said.

Justice Kirubakaran was addressing advocates at the Constitution Day celebration organised by the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court Bar Association (MMBA) held recently via video conferencing. The framers of the Constitution thought that the citizens would do their duty first and then claim rights. But, the reverse was happening. We have to work together for the development of the nation, the judge said.

Pointing out the fact that a number of protests were taking place in the State over various issues, he said that while it was good that people were aware of their rights, opposing everything will lead to no development and unemployment crisis.

Lamenting that people were still divided over caste, religion and language and politicians were taking advantage of this, Justice Kirubakaran said that people should be treated equally and the government should play a role model in this regard.

He expressed displeasure over the fact that social media platforms were being abused and misused in the name of freedom of expression. Touching upon alcoholism, the judge said that it was ruining families.

He advised advocates to fight for the right of the litigants and at the same time also sensitise them about their duties. “Conduct cases with sincerity and ensure that court time is not wasted,” he said. Advocates took a pledge to uphold responsibilities and obligations, at the event.

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