Rituals starting from today, turmeric will be applied to the mother. The ritual starts from today, turmeric will be applied to the mother

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The ritual of Baba Vishwanath’s gauna is starting from Tuesday. The rituals will be performed for the entire 4 days at the former Mahant’s residence of Vishwanath Temple at Tedhineem, Varanasi. Turmeric will be applied to the silver idol of Maa Gaura at the Mahant’s residence in the evening.

Mahant Vice Chancellor Tiwari told that the cleaning of Baba’s traditional palanquin has been started. At the same time, the royal costumes of Shiva Parvati are being prepared in Raja Darwaza. Mahadev’s royal clothes are being prepared by Nandlal Master at the King’s Gate. Tailor Master Kishan Lal is the third generation member of his family to perform this responsibility.

Shiva-Parvati marriage of Baba’s moving statue on Mahashivaratri was performed at the Mahant’s residence of Vishwanath temple according to folk tradition. Mahant Dr. Vice-Chancellor Tiwari told that for Gaura’s Gauna, from Tuesday to March 3, Mahant’s residence will be converted into Gaura’s maiden. After worshiping the statue of Mata Gaura at Mahant’s residence, there will be turmeric of Gauna.

On the occasion of Gauna, the statue of Baba Vishwanath will be dressed in a royal dress made of traditional Khadi. A devotee has sent Ghaghra to rain for Gaura. On the occasion of Baba’s Gauna, a family gathering of folk and easy music of ‘Shivanjali’ will also be organized at Tedhineem Mahant-Awas. The final decision on the names of artists to be included in it is to be taken on March 1.

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