Rogue Nation: Pakistan’s repression of Baloch activists must end

A prominent Baloch rights activist Karima Baloch, who had previously called Prime Minister Narendra Modi her brother, has been found dead under mysterious circumstances in Toronto. She is the second Baloch activist to be found dead under mysterious circumstances in a foreign land this year. Earlier, the body of journalist Sajid Hussain Baloch was found in Sweden weeks after he went missing.

There is a strong suspicion that both were targeted killings of Baloch activists by elements associated with the Pakistani deep state. After all, the Baloch nationalist movement has long been a thorn in the side of the Pakistani military-ISI combine. The latter has used brutal means to crack down on Baloch activists and leaders asking for their rights. But the Punjabi-dominated deep state continues to treat Balochis as second-class citizens while exploiting the natural resources of the Balochistan province.

Baloch activist Karima Baloch

Against this backdrop of oppression, it is rich of Pakistan to talk about human rights violations in India’s Jammu & Kashmir. What Islamabad has done in Balochistan can’t even begin to be compared to Kashmir, which just held district development council polls successfully with all major parties taking part. The problem in Kashmir is cross-border terrorism sponsored by Pakistan. Islamabad should therefore mind its own business, stop sheltering terrorists and end its repression of Baloch activists. Failing to do so only confirms its rogue nation status.

New Delhi must intercede with Canada and Sweden to investigate the mysterious deaths of Karima and Sajid, and urge authorities there to prevent Pakistani or allied operatives from committing crimes on their soil.




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