Rohit motivated the players: After MI’s 3 defeat, Rohit said – no need to bow your head, create a hunger for victory in yourself

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Mumbai Indians, the five-time winners in the Indian Premier League, have had a poor start in the 15th season. Mumbai Indians have had to face defeat in 3 consecutive matches. Now Mumbai has to play the next match with Royal Challengers Bangalore on 9 April. Before that, Rohit Sharma gave a speech in the dressing room to motivate the players, the video of which has been shared by Mumbai Indians from their official social media handle.

no one is to blame for the loss
Rohit said that no one can be blamed for the loss. All of us are one. Win together as a team and lose together. We don’t need to be discouraged.

No need to put your head down with three necklaces
He further said that the IPL is still in its early stages. In such a situation, we do not need to lower our heads with 3 consecutive defeats. We have to maintain the enthusiasm within us and by paying attention to the little things and understanding them, each player has to play according to him.

We do not lack talent and ability
He further said that we do not lack talent and ability. We just need to rectify our small shortcomings. During the match, every player needs to strategize and adapt according to the circumstances.

create a hunger for victory
Rohit said that every player needs to inculcate the hunger for victory. Instead of getting discouraged, we need to throw ourselves completely for victory.

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