Ronaldo most abused footballer: Over 12,000 abusive tweets in 6 months; 75% of Premier League footballers are abused

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Ronaldo gets around 90 abuses everyday

Manchester United’s star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has become the most abused footballer on Twitter. He is accompanied by Heri Maguire. A report has claimed that till the first half of last season, 7 out of the top 10 Ovsies players have been trolled.

The Alan Turing Institute and Ofcom together analyzed around 2.3 million posts from the first half of last season’s English Premier League. Out of this, players have been abused in about 60 thousand posts. Of these, 50 per cent posts were based on 12 footballers. Eight of the 12 were from Manchester United. However, the study also found that most fans have shown responsiveness to social media.

Ofcom’s group director has told the BBC that it shows the dark colors of this beautiful game. Online abusing has no place in sports and our society.

Ronaldo and Maguire were the most targeted
It was revealed in this report that Cristiano Ronaldo and Heri Maguire have suffered the most abuses. He has been repeatedly trailed in the post. The first was when Ronaldo returned to Manchester United. On that day there were 188,769 posts, three times more than the other days. Of these, 3,961 contained derogatory words.

Ronaldo earns Rs 19 crore on every Insta post
The highest paid celebrity footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. He earns Rs 19 crore from every paid post. He has got the first position, while Lionel Messi earns Rs 14 crores from a paid post.

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