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Room inspector distributed wrong paper in UP board exam. Room invigilator distributed wrong paper in UP Board exam: Instead of normal Hindi, literary Hindi paper was distributed among the students, threat of restriction on students' objection – Jaunpur News

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Intermediate students of Jaunpur city have alleged that they were given paper of another subject in the board paper. The matter pertains to the examination center of Shia College. The students allege that during the second shift on February 22, question paper of another subject was given to 12 students in room number 7. On complaining, the invigilator threatened to restrict. At the same time, the Principal says that no complaint was made by any student during the examination or even after the examination. He was informed about the matter by the principal of another school on Friday morning. The students have given a memorandum in this regard to the DM on Friday afternoon. Students allege that their future will be spoiled.

Wrong paper distributed among students.

Wrong paper distributed among students.

Students alleged that Sri Shankar Adarsh ​​Inter College

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