royal police arrested with 1500 meters of electricity theft wire | royal police arrested with 1500 meters of electricity theft wire

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The royal police arrested with the theft of 1500 meters of electric wire.

In Bareilly, the electricity department always shocks the people by cutting off the lights, but the Bareilly police has arrested four vicious thieves who jolted the electricity department. Vicious thieves had stolen 1500 meters of electricity under the police station.

Since then the electricity department was troubled by the shock of these thieves. On Friday, the royal police arrested these thieves and recovered about one and a half quintals of aluminum wire stolen from them. During interrogation, it was revealed that the accused were carrying out the theft by cutting the wires of the electricity department for a long time.

On April 12, 1500 meters of wire were cut and stolen

According to the royal police, on April 12, vicious thieves stole about 1500 meters of aluminum wire by cutting dozens of pillars. After the power went missing overnight, when the villagers checked in the morning, the incident of theft came to light by cutting the poles. After which the Electricity Department registered a case on the basis of Tahrir and started searching for the thieves.

After which the police got information on Friday that the vicious thieves are hiding the wires in the ruins near the farm of Narayandas near Bujhiya Minor of Shahi police station area. Everyone is planning to sell those wires. After which the royal police laid siege on the information of the informer and caught all the four electric wires. Around one and a half quintals of stolen electric wires were recovered from them by the police.

The arrested thieves gave their names as Azad Maurya son Omprakash, Kamal Kumar son Summerilal, Sompal son Sevaram resident Gan village Sevajwalapur police station Shahi Bareilly. During interrogation, it was told that the stolen aluminum wire is very valuable. which he was planning to sell. The arrested thieves told that they have already sold the electric wires by stealing them. At present, the police is now finding out who used to buy this wire from these thieves.

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