RRR Star Revealed: Who is the boss of the house between Papa Chiranjeevi and Wife Upasana? Ram Charan gave a funny answer

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South’s superstar Ram Charan Teja has been in discussion about his film RRR for many days. Now soon Ran Charan is going to be seen sharing the screen with his father Chiranjeevi in ​​his upcoming film. During the promotion of this film, Ram Charan has shared some things related to his family in a conversation with the media. During this, he has told that who walks the most at his house. His Wife Upasana or Papa Chiranjeevi, who is he most afraid of and who is the boss of the house? Ram Charan has answered such questions in his own style.

Who are you most afraid of, wife or father?
Actually, when Ram Charan was asked who is he most afraid of, Wife Upasana or Papa Chiranjeevi? To this question, Ram replied, ‘I have seen my father how he takes care of his mother (Surekha). She is the boss of the family. She is also the boss of my boss, my dad and uncle (Pawan Kalyan). I have also learned from dad how to take care of worship like he takes care of my mother.” Hearing this from Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi, who was present there reacted jokingly and said that if you have learned this from me , then you will always be happy.”

Ram Charan will be seen with father for the first time in ‘Acharya’
Ram Charan will be seen in a full length role with his father in the Telugu film ‘Acharya’ for the first time. Both have worked together before, but in this film both will be seen in lead roles. At the same time, Mahesh Babu has also played the role of narrator in this film. Ram Charan has been in constant discussion since the success of RRR. His brilliant acting won the hearts of the people, so his simplicity is also being liked by everyone. After the film became a superhit, Ram Charan took Ayyappa Diksha. He is seen barefoot everywhere. His videos and photos also go viral on social media.

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