RRR team bought seat in Oscars 2023: a ticket of about 20 lakh rupees, only lyricist and composer got free entry

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The song Naatu Naatu from Rajamouli’s directorial venture RRR has won the Best Original Song award at the 95th Oscars. Chandrabose and composer MM Keerwani, who wrote RRR’s Natu-Natu song at the Oscar ceremony, took the trophy.

Now a report has come out that Rajamouli, Ramcharan and Junior NTR did not get free anti in this award ceremony. To see the Oscar Award, Rajamouli and the team of RRR had to pay 25 thousand dollars i.e. 20.6 lakh rupees per person to buy tickets. Only lyricist Chandra Bose and music composer MM Keeravani and their wives were given free entry in the ceremony.

Only award winners get free tickets at the Oscars ceremony.
According to an Economic Times report, only MM Keeravani, lyricist Chandrabose and their wives got free entry to the ceremony as they were nominated for the song. According to the Oscar Award crew, only the award winner and their family members get free entry. While everyone else had to buy tickets to watch the ceremony live.

RRR team bought tickets for 20.6 lakh per person
The rest of the RRR team including Rajamouli, Ramcharan and Junior NTR had to buy tickets to watch the ceremony live. The cost of a ticket for Oscars 2023 was 25 thousand dollars i.e. 20.6 lakh rupees.

Seeing the team of RRR sitting behind in the ceremony, people heard the academy’s lies
A video during the Oscar Awards went viral, about which Indian fans expressed their displeasure. In fact, during the event, RRR director SS Rajamouli along with his family was given the back seat. The fans were strongly condemning this.

People say that it is disrespectful to make the team of a film whose song has won an Oscar sit in the last line. Users believe that the Academy knows who is going to win the award, yet they chose the team of RRR. Gave a seat on the last row, this is really a matter to think about.

There was a protest for calling RRR a Bollywood film
Apart from this, there was another dispute. In fact, comedian and television host Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted the Oscars, called RRR a Bollywood film during the event. Fans were very angry when this film, originally made in Telugu, was called Bollywood. SS Rajamouli himself said that RRR is a Telugu film.

India dominated the 95th Oscar Awards ceremony
This time India and Bollywood dominated the 95th Oscar Awards ceremony. The song Natu-Natu from the film RRR won the Best Original Song award while The Elephant Whispers became the Best Documentary Short Film. India received a total of three nominations at the Oscars. Natu Natu composer MM Keeravani got emotional after winning the award. He said that every Indian was praying that RRR win the Oscars.

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