Rs.3780 for paddy sold at Rs.2800 per quintal. Rs.3780 for paddy sold at Rs.2800 per quintal

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Farmers are happy with the good price of paddy in Bulandshahr in the current year. The joy of getting a good price for the crop can be seen on the faces of the farmers who are reaching the market with paddy. 1509 varieties of paddy are being sold at Rs 3780 per quintal. A large number of farmers cultivate paddy in the area.

Paddy crop is one of the main sources of income of the farmers. Farmers Virendra Lodhi, Sanjay Sharma, etc., who brought paddy to the grain market, told that this year the cost of paddy has increased due to less rainfall.

Farmers are reaching mandi to sell paddy

As against Rs 2800 per quintal last year of 1509, the early variety of paddy is getting Rs 3780 per quintal this year. The price is likely to increase further in the future. Despite the high cost, they are getting profit due to good prices in the market. He is happy to get good price for the crop.

Mandi agent Yogesh Goyal and Vipul Gupta told that the early varieties of paddy had started arriving from September 1. On September 1, 180 quintals of paddy had reached the market. Since then, farmers are continuously reaching the mandi to sell their paddy in the market. Till Monday, the agents of the mandi have procured 3500 quintals of paddy.

Paddy crop is in 90 thousand hectares in the district

This time paddy has been grown in more than 90 thousand hectares of land in the district. This time due to less rain, the farmers have somehow done the work of getting the crop cooked. Now, due to the intermittent rains, the farmers are also worried about their crops.

Due to getting good rate of paddy this time in the mandis of the district, farmers are also hopeful that this time the price will be good. Whereas last year the rate of paddy was around two thousand rupees. The farmers could not even get the price for their produce. Basmati paddy is cultivated only in the district.

Harvesting has stopped due to rain

Scientist Dr. Vivekraj says that at this time harvesting is going on in place of paddy crop. But now it has stopped due to rain. The crops in the fields are also standing for harvesting. Farmers have completed harvesting preparations.

As soon as the weather clears, the harvesting of paddy will speed up. For this, farmers have also started contacting laborers. Most of the farmers have made preparations for the harvesting and lifting of the crop on their own.

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