RSS Chief Champions India’s Ancient Texts, Emphasises Need for Balance, Middle Path And Restraint

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat while speaking at an event in the national capital advocated the middle path to ensure that “Bharat moves forward”.

While speaking on India’s epics and granths (ancient texts), Bhagwat said, “The message in every granth is balance, middle path, and restraint to achieve both of them. If all of us do our duties then everyone’s right is protected. That is why it is important to be proud of our history.

The RSS chief was speaking at the release of the book ‘Connecting with the Mahabharata’.

He further stated, “Dharma is a middle way of life and that is why the Gita comes in the middle of the Mahabharata. We need to be firm on Dharma irrespective of misery or happiness in life. This is what the Mahabharata has taught us.”

Bhagwat said that the world knows extremism and not dharma of santulan (balance) and that we eventually would need to do a U-turn to connect with our dharma.

“That is why we need to know our past through granths and have pride about them in our hearts,” he added.

He also said that there is a need to create something for the younger generation.

“If we are Bharat, then we have to stand like Bharat. If we try to imitate China, America, and Russia, then it will be an imitation and we will become tamasha (a spectacle) and people will come from faraway lands to see our tamasha. That will not be the development of India. We are going in the right direction gradually,” said Bhagwat.

Life is an ongoing process as life follows death, he said. “We should never leave dharma which is different from religious practices,” explained the RSS chief.

‘Outsiders tried to negate our past’

Bhagwat began his address by speaking on the issue of providing evidence for granths like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

He said that there were those who attempted to trash Indian history and said that that the ancestors of present-day Indians were stupid. “But the fact that we believed them is our fault.”

“Our history is very ancient and it was important for those who came from outside to tell us that they were the most ancient. Common sense tells us that those who told us lies about our past had a vested interest. Why would Vyas tell lies? He was a saint, he wanted nothing,” said the RSS chief. “They called the Mahabharata and Ramayana poems. Can any poem be remembered for such a long time? But fortunately, we realised we need to tell the truth. We realised we need to tell what is ours.”

“Har baat ka saboot diya nahi jaa sakta (We can’t give evidence for everything),” said Bhagwat. “We get gyan ( knowledge) through words and some of it through traditions. Our history is ancient. Those who came from outside had to negate our past.”

‘We forgot what Mahabharata taught us’

Pointing to presentations about dirty rivers, the RSS chief asked why despite living in the scientific age, we could not take care of nature and were facing a crisis.

“Why is there a problem about the environment during the scientific age? We were agyani but never faced such problems. Because we left dharma during the process. We because of our greed exploited nature and didn’t give back to nature. We exploited irreplaceable/those resources that can’t be replenished from nature. Dharma says the goal of life is to make everyone’s life better and therefore one should live with sanyam (restraint). All this has been told to us. But we Indians have forgotten this. Had we kept reading the Mahabharata, this would not have happened,” he added.

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