Russian legend unhappy with Putin: Former Grand Master Kasparov said – If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, then China can attack Taiwan

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36 minutes ago

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Russian President Vladimir Putin is protesting in Russia against the invasion of Ukraine and people are demanding to stop the war against Ukraine. Now former Grand Master Garry Kasparov has also criticized President Putin for the invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, he has expressed apprehension that if Putin is successful, then China may attack Taiwan.

Putin said in an interview to a news channel India Today that the current crisis is not only between Ukraine and Russia. It is about the structure of World Security. If Putin is successful, China could invade Taiwan.

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov is considered a critic of Putin. A few days ago, by posting on social media, he used words like bankrupt and war machine for Putin.

Putin is good at lying
Putin is adept at lying. They have a long history of shuffling things back and forth to their advantage. And Ukraine’s foolishness was that it did not recognize Putin’s intentions towards Ukraine. He never recognized Ukraine as an independent state. For many years he has been denying the existence of Ukraine.

the war could have been avoided
Garry Kasparov further said that the war could have been avoided, if the Western countries had listened to the Russian President, it might not have happened today.

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