Sadar MLA filled the enthusiasm among the workers, the journey will start from August 9. Sadar MLA filled the enthusiasm among the workers, the yatra will start from August 9

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SP meeting was held in Ghazipur on Saturday. In this, the MLA energized the workers regarding the padyatra that will be held from August 9.

SP leaders have gathered in the preparations for the padyatra which will start from August 9 in Ghazipur. The SPs held a meeting on Saturday regarding the “Save the country, make the country” padyatra to be organized on Revolution Day. In this, a strategy was made to give impetus to the campaign and membership campaign to hoist the tricolor at every house from August 9 to 15. The workers also expressed concern over the misuse of government power.

District President Ramdhari Yadav said that it is ironic that those who had no role in the freedom movement are engaged in beating the patriotism. BJP and RSS had no contribution in the freedom struggle. BJP and RSS never respected the national flag. Those who did not hoist the tricolor at their offices for five decades after independence, today they are pretending to be a patriot by running a door-to-door campaign.

SP in a meeting held in Ghazipur.

SP in a meeting held in Ghazipur.

MLA said – social injustice continues because of BJP

Sadar MLA Jai Kishan Sahu said that by destroying the diversity and social harmony of the country, BJP is working to spread hatred in the country. Social injustice continues because of BJP. BJP is constantly conspiring to destroy the values ​​and social harmony of the freedom movement. Every leader and worker of Samajwadi Party is determined to protect democracy, constitution and civil rights.

Mohammadabad MLA said – Padyatra will be historic

Mohammadabad MLA Mannu Ansari said that “Save the country, make the country” padyatra will be historic. There will be a historic welcome for this padyatra in Muhammadabad, the land of martyrs. A large number of workers were present during this.

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