Sadhus Dead Body Found Today In Uttar Pradesh Meerut and Baghpat Districts | The bodies of two sadhus found at a distance of 25 km in Baghpat and Meerut districts; Villagers feared murder

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Villagers drive out the city from the pond in Baghpat.

  • Case of Sardhana and Doghat police station area, police engaged in identification of dead bodies

The bodies of two sadhus were found in unclaimed condition on Thursday in a distance of just 25 km in Meerut and Baghpat districts of Uttar Pradesh. One’s body was seen landing in a pond in Tikri village in Baghpat and the other’s body was found in Ganga Canal in Sardhana area of ​​Meerut. Both the dead have not been identified. Villagers are anticipating murder. Now the police is investigating the missing report in the police stations of the surrounding districts.

Villagers carrying the dead body out of the canal in Baghpat.

Villagers carrying the dead body out of the canal in Baghpat.

Villagers suspected – murdered and thrown dead in pond

The first case is of Tekri village under Doghat police station area in Baghpat. A 35-year-old monk was found lying in the pond at Patti Menamana here on Thursday morning. Police arrived at the information of the villagers, and the body came out of the pond. The dead body has not been identified. Inspector Munendrapal told that the body of the monk found in the pond has not been identified. Villagers have feared the bodies to be thrown here after the murder. The investigation is underway.

Baghpat police investigating.

Baghpat police investigating.

Found dead body found in Ganga canal

On the other hand, there is a case of Sardhana police station area. SO Upendra Malik said that some villagers had seen the body of the monk landing on the Ganga Canal on Thursday. Police arrived after receiving information and investigated. According to the information, the body of the monk has flowed from somewhere. There was also tension around the sadhu’s body. But the police have reached the spot and handled the situation. It is feared that the Ganga Canal comes from Haridwar. In such a situation, the body is thrown in the Ganga Canal after killing the monk.


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