Said- Azam Khan did the work of usurping the place of the university. State government minister said- Azam Khan did the work of usurping the place of the university, the land will be taken back soon

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State Government Minister Dharampal Singh.

Cabinet Minister of State Government Dharampal Singh reached Bareilly on Sunday. He talked to the party leaders regarding the MLC elections of Bareilly Moradabad Mandal to be held on January 30. He said that there is voting on Monday. BJP candidate Jaipal Singh is contesting elections regarding this, we have talked to everyone. During this, he also targeted Azam Khan fiercely.

Azam Khan did the work of land grab

Regarding Azam Khan’s Johar University, Minister Dharampal Singh said that the Yogi government has taken back the land from Johar University. This decision has been taken in the cabinet on Saturday. Yogi Government’s Minority Department Minister Dharampal Singh told reporters in Bareilly that Azam Khan was given land by the previous government, but Azam Khan has usurped the land of poor people. The talk of giving 146 rooms at the rate of Rs 10 per room was said, when the government got the investigation done, huge rigging was found. Those who have land are also Muslims, they are poor. Now the government will take back the land from the university through the whole process.

Case going on since 2014

Minister Dharampal Singh said that the poor people were demanding the land since 2014. But there was no hearing. During this, he also targeted the SP. Swami Prasad Maurya’s statement on Shri Ramcharit Manas said that this is a political stunt of SP. Along with this, he has appealed to the people that this time not Holi of wood but Holi of cow dung should be lit. This will not cause air pollution either.

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